TROVE SHOP overseas direct shipping site opened.

We do not directly deliver our products to addresses outside Japan
If you would like our products to be delivered to addresses outside Japan, please use the overseas forwarder "tenso.com".

For the order procedure, please refer to the followings.

Select the product you want to buy from the "SHOPPING" page in the website.
Once you decide the product to buy, select the size of the product, and click "Add to cart" at the right side of the size.


The screen turns to the cart screen. Click the red button ("Proceed to checkout").


If you are a member of the website, enter your Email address and password, and click the yellow button ("Member login").
※If you become a member, you can omit to enter your address and other items at the next shopping.
If you are not a member, scroll down to the page to enter items in the boxes with red-colored explanations.
※ Please always select "Tokyo" in the prefecture box, since you will use tenso.com.
※ Be sure to enter your registration number of "tenso.com" when entering items.


HOW04.jpg Once you complete entering information, scroll down to the bottom to click the orange button ("Go next").

Next, go to the delivery method selection screen.
Please always select "Yamato Transport" in this page.
Then, scroll down to the bottom and click the orange button ("Go next").


Next, go to the payment method selection screen.
In this screen, check one box, "Credit card" or "PayPal".
※ Only these two payment methods are available for delivery to addresses outside Japan.
After checking the box, scroll down to the bottom to click the orange button ("Go next").


Lastly, go to the order confirmation screen.
After confirmation, click the red button ("Order") to submit your order.
※After selecting "Credit card" or "PayPal", the screen automatically jumps to the external site "Epsilon" after the final confirmation in our website, on which you will go through the payment settlement.
Once the payment is settled, the order procedure is completed.


You will receive an order confirmation Email from the website (Email address: shop@trove.co.jp).
The Email message proves that your order has been completed.

Your order will be sent to tenso.com within 2 - 3 days.
※You will receive the above mentioned Email message when your order is forwarded to "tenso.com" successfully.

After your order is forwarded to "tenso.com", the transaction will be done between you and "tenso.com".
For more detail, please contact "tenso.com."
※about "tenso.com"